Monday, December 31, 2012

Wow, I know its been awhile since last I wrote about myself but alas I am

Lets see, for starters my Fibromyalgia has been in full swing and has put me down terribly. Since I've been paying more attention to what my body tells me Ive been watching for the signs and amazing what you find out. 

So, on Christmas eve I made dinner for my brother and my dad and was on my feet all day and I knew just knew that the next day I was going to be in bed all day because thats what happens to a person with Fibro and what I believe to be as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Well, guess what sure enough on the one day that I would have rather not been in bed all day...whamm, I could feel it coming on the night before after everyone left and helped do the dishes. My back started spasming. So I said enough was enough and I had to lay down.

Later that night I layed down and I started getting a siring pain in my eye sight quick bursts of it and my legs started to ache. It was horrible and that was when I knew Christmas day was going to be either a battle stay awake or I was just going to give in to the Fibro and stay in bed and the girls let me do just that. J took care of D and I was able to stay in bed. I felt like the worst mother on earth but there was nothing I could do about it. Was able to get breakfast out for them but other than that I was in bed. I see the new
Rheumatologist on the 7th of January and hopefully with Gods willing this one will actually do something for me to help me get though life especially when Fibro decides to flair up. 

Since Christmas eve I can honestly say it hasn't gotten any easier, the pain in my back has gotten much worse and finally a couple days ago I finally went into the er cause I just couldn't handle it anymore. My back actually was swollen and I finally went in. I was told that I have Kidney stones and that I have to sort out my pee for the urologist. Great huh!!! I'm sorry so far it hasn't gone too well and all I have found in my pee is sand like stuff and I cant get it in the little container they want me to so I can take it in. Great is what I think. So on Wensday I am to make an appointment for the urologist. 

Well, despite my short blog I am having a hard time getting this one out. I apologize but my wrists hurts just typing but I will be back when I can get another one out. My new years resolution is to blog on Monday, Wensday, and Friday and then the occasional Sunday. So alas I've got a plan!!! haha...

Later Taterz~~
Luv Me~~~ 

Friday, December 21, 2012


Hey Ya'll!! Thought I would take a stab at this one, since I don't have cable, I am doing the Netflix kind of cable. Its actually nicer than cable in the sense that there is no commercials and you don't get cut off when it is getting to the good So, I have been out of the loop on the whole commercial thing but there is that nice thing they call google, so I googled "What are the worst commercials on Television right now?" and it brought up several different choices.

Well, basically the choices for commercials were the same as they were when I did have cable 6 months ago and I have to say there are two commercials that I absolutely can not stand and I am sure there has to be a few of you out there some where that agree with me....

The first one is the commercial for the Trojan Vibrator, but this one is for the Trojan Shower Gift, where they say Really blows your hair back, Tri-phoria, it has 5 speeds, 3 pulse patters and 3 interchangeable tips...

This one really drives me nuts because when I remember having cable they would show they other commercials for the other Trojan products at all times of the day and I must say they weren't discreet about the commercials to say the least and the problem is my girls. They watch television and they don't need by any means to be seeing commercials like this especially my oldest who just turned 13 and is very mature for her age and very impressionable and we will just say knows more than she should...right she should happen to read this...she knows what I

So I guess I could rattle of a few others but this by far gets me going on commercials they have out there..but by far I am so liking Netflix for so many reason that I don't think I would ever go back to cable except that with cable you do current showings of certain things and somethings I do miss, sometimes I like to catch the news or a football game or even a Nascar Race, and there are a couple shows that I liked to watch on t.v. that Netflix doesn't offer, but overall, Netflix is so worth the money I am actually saving each month.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hey Ya'll...Good evening. Well, getting ready to start my next round of Christmas cookies...

  • Cherry-Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Brownie Cookies
  • Cut out Sugar Cookies
  • Fantasy Fudge...
  • More Spritz Cookies...Those go way too
  • Peanut Butter Cookies- Both Crunchy and Reg. ones.
This is going to be round 3 for cookies, the first 2 rounds I did by hand, and it was a pain in the butt. My hands are so sore its not even funny. I have already made:
  • Spritz Cookies
  • Snickers Cookies
  • Andes Candies Cookies
  • Carrot Cake Cookies
Let me tell ya, I have learned some very important lessons just by making those few types of cookies and I hope these help others too...
  • Parchment paper is a very important thing to have in the kitchen when making cookies or anything when you make something that will stick and you have to stack things.
  • An Electric mixer is a MUST when making
  • If you make stuffed cookies, just roll a ball and use a teaspoon and make a dimple in the cookie instead of stuffing the cookie, its faster and easier that way. lol
  • Triple or 4x's batch of spritz cookies is what you will end up making by the end of the are way too little and way too good and go way too fast, plus dad likes them way too much)
The last one is a bullet mainly for me to keep in explain that one a little, growing up, thinking back as far as I can remember, my mom each and every year would make Christmas cookies and Spritz cookies was her main cookie that she would make and it was one if not my dads favorite cookie. So as it was my mom would make like dozens and dozens of all kinds of cookies and deliver them to several different households all over the neighborhood on Christmas Day. It took me many years after she passed on to continue with the family tradition but I could never come close to being as great as my mom but I try to do my best. When she would make spritz cookies, she would actually dye some of the dough green and red for Christmas trees and other things. I don't have the patience to go that far but I do my best with everything else.

As I posted before about my new business venture, Its a slow go but I am still very much wanting to get it going...I just put it to the side while making cookies and my homework for right now. I  am trying to figure out how to juggle all these things at one time. Right now cookies are important at night. If you do read this blog and do want to check out ViSalus, Please do... 

http// Trust me if your interested in becoming happier and healthier now and especially in the New Year  what better way then with the 90 Day Challenge. Its a wonderful program with great shakes, cookies and other life changing ways. You certainly wont be disappointed. Thousands and thousands of others have started their journey why not start yours today, I have already started mine. What better program have you heard, will pay you...Yes you heard me right...PAY you to loose weight...and pay you well...Come on now and make this your top New Years Resolution....And start it today!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So, I have started a new business venture but it is slow to get going partly because I have several things going on in my personal life. I am trying to get everything balanced between doctors appointments for myself and the kids and now this new class I have started is really got my attention so I am really trying my best not to get stressed out. I know shortly in time it will all balance out. I just have to have faith it will all work itself out. 

How does one deal with an issue that is out of their control but is bothers them so much. How do you deal with something so upsetting that when someone is friends with someone but agrees to help them out. Okay that is one thing but when it is something that is so personal that is should be discussed with the other person. I know its rather confusing but I must be discreet. This involves a couple and another person and someone in the couple is helping out a friend but the other person in the couple feels that this favor is a little too personal and should have been discussed with them first before agreeing to help them out. Either way it doesn't matter because its pretty much a no win situation, they are going to do it regardless. Its just frustrating. Its frustrating because If I were to bring it up, it would just cause a fight and I would get no where so, I just suck it up and be done, So I here to vent hoping this helps to get it out of my system. 

Its hard dealing with life and lately my pain has come back with a vengeance and trying to deal with it, just has left me without motivation. I have been told that I suck as a mom and I need to quit whatever my deal is a step back up. I have been lazy and unmotivated for the last week or two and sleeping alot again, I tried to explain that my sickness/illness goes in spurts and my pain doesn't help. No one understands how it is and that's the hard part and no one wants to understand. The hardest part is the pain...I cant do alot of things and it sucks but again, there's times they say they understand but then it gets thrown back in my face...Then I'm told to tell them when I'm in pain but again im told when I do say about my pain that I am using it as a crutch or an I give up and I don't talk about my pain and I keep it to myself...but I am so sick of holding it in...I am about to explode...I cry at night from the pain. I cry because I cant do things like I used to...I cry cause I have no interest in the things i used to.....Maybe my meds need to be tweaked or something, but something needs to change cause I cant live life like this anymore...I don't have an interest for life like I use too,

Well, enough babbling for tonight...


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Well, Yes I know its been awhile since last I posted or blogged or just simply left a note here and there but I've a busy gal!! Yep me...busy...New endeavors getting underway....Well, I have decided to turn this into a new mind frame...Yep the blog has been shifted not only into a New Me blog, but a very new and improved or getting there blog...Okay so it is kind of confusing but you will catch on soon enough....

I have started a new business...Yes, me...So would anyone like to hear more about it. I am actually as we speak losing weight and getting paid for it. Well, there is also another very interesting part of it, I want anyone who reads this to learn how to do it as well. It is filled with yummy things and great advances. The best part, everyone is doing it...Well, okay so a lot of people are doing it...I just need to get the word out around here for people to do it from me!!!! Come on people, don't you want to feel healthy and revived? Then check me out at my Facebook page... or Its the 90 day challenge...come on what better way to ring in the new year than a new body, a new mind set and some cash in your pocket...Doesn't that all sound awesome...It did for me and when I sat down and really looked into this, it hit me hard and it felt real to me. Something I could talk about and do at the same time and LOVE doing at the same time....Come on now, what about ya'll.....

Other than that...I am doing great. Getting ready for my new class, math110. Rather nervous but confident I am going to get through the material not sure how well but I have a new attitude and a new outlook on life and a whole new energy on what is important and what...ya know what really isn't all that important anymore...It is crazy how one thing can make you sit down and evaluate the things you have in your life and the things going on in your life.

Later taterz,

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Okay so last week I went in for xray review and ask my surgeon about something I read on my previous xrays I read back in June. Now when he did my surgery he fused my L4-5, so I asked him about my L5-S1 and he told me it must have been just a typo...hmmm...So from asking my pain group who suggested this certain blood test, I asked him about it and he said sure we can do it.

When I went in to my pain doctor for my injections I decided I would ask her to look in the computer on a whim...Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think the test results would come back positive...but then again after doing research and knowing what I know about the signs of the disease and doing the research of what I already have wrong with my back, I had a feeling..(you know that feeling in the pit of your stomach when something just doesnt feel right, Ya...that feeling!!!) BINGO...
So you ask positive for what?!?...Anklosing Spondylitis...Yep..its a mouthfull..For short they call it. AS... So you ask how did I know the test was going to come back positive..Well, one of the symptoms is when the spine fuses itself to the pelvis area..well...L5-S1....Saw it on the xrays for my own eyes...Surgeon varified for me and everything...Yep sure did..
So, whats the next step...Well...funny thing, with exception for what Ive read..not sure...The rheumatologist hasnt said too much except she has done xrays and now I go in for yep...another MRI...boy, I sure am getting sick of these fricken(for lack of nicer words) tests..I feel like a lab rat...but from what I understand...A bunch of different medications.
So, this is what Ive summarized throughout all of this...I havent figured out why the big guy up above keeps giving me all of these rough things to go thru but he must think Im fricken..yep for lack of nicer words...wonder woman...
I was watching a movie not too long ago..actually it was a few days before I had the blood test and it was called 50/50...It was about a guy who was having really bad back pain and he waited and waited to go for it. So finally he went in to get his back looked at and they ran tests, did xrays and then they did an mri...and wouldnt ya know it, it was a tumor...a painful tumor...Cancer they determined. He went thru chemotherapy and all that...He dealt with the emotional and physical and all that fun stuff and while I watched the movie I sat there and kept thinking...."Wow, I can totally understand what this guy is going thru...well, not the part of dying, but the pain and the emotional and physical part. I kept thinking that there is something more wrong with my back and the pain I feel isnt just from my surgery like the surgeon keeps telling me, theres something more...I shouldnt be having pain like this, this long after, I dont care what he says...and BOOM....SURE ENOUGH...I take the blood test and WHAM..something more is sure enough wrong with my back...
of course its not a tumor like the movie...but is something more than just the surgery like my surgeon keeps telling me....
So my point to this is Im going to keep pushing like I have to and keep asking people for suggestions cause If I hadnt asked anyone about this, no one would have told me about the blood test...So thank you so much
Later taterz,

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So, I know I have rather been busy and deserted my blogging duties once agian but I have a plan...Yes me...I have a first things in the morning after J goes to school and before D wakes up is get on here and blog my thoughts....Sounds good...Thats if I can stick to it...

So I was googleing (if that how you spell it) anyways..I did this one and my other blog and I found that this blog and my other one is ranked top single mother blogs....wooohooo...Yay for me...Im rather stoked...but anyways...I hope people are reading and enjoying my ramblings but I wished if people are reading them, they might comment here and there just to let me know what they think....If they wish..

But, My plan is to do my own thing first thing in the morning from now know after J leaves for school, shower, hair, makeup...Girlie stuff....To make myself feel good again...That way Im ready for whatever comes my way or if anyone stops by I dont look like an udder

But, Ive also decided to blog first thing in the morning, get my homework done, and then whatever errand need to get done can get done later in the then post later in the evening and this way its a recap of the day..So ya'll can here my for lack of a better word....any bitching of people that irritate me during the day...I was told by my doctor yesterday that "Normal people dont get irritated on a regular basis"??? Really??? Are you fricken kidding me???? So people that work, have kids, go to school or just have regular lifes and have bills dont get irritated??? Sounds fishy to me....I told him hes fricken out of his guess I must really be nuts for thinking

So Im off to do a bunch of errands, such as take the car to the vw dealership and get a rental car...and then I get to see my surgeon for xrays and to find out if my upper back and neck are screwed up and to find out why my L5-S1 vertebrae fused itself!! Have to get blood work done and also to find out about my carpal tunnel surgery and when or if Im gonna have that done...Yay me...I swear it never ends with me...

Well, until later
Later taterz,

Thursday, October 18, 2012

So, It seems like my days go every other day and I have a productive day. I dont know anymore but on the plus side I do feel good today but my back is a wreck and has been for the last week or so. It feels like I am carrying a sack of flour.

Went to a great meeting yesterday and met some great people. People that understand what I am going thru. Even tho my family understands, its still hard to really to completely understand what I go thru on a daily basis. So it was great to meet other people who do.

I made dinner the other night and it was AWESOME.....Messy to make but it was worth it in the end.

Today I accomplished the rest of my homework for the week...wooohooo!!!! So Im gonna get a head start on next week DQ's...Im totally proud of myself..

I reorganized my room and put a table in there so I can do my homework or paperwork or just writing in there when I need too!!! Away from people when I cant sleep...

Cleaned the kids o man was it a mess...clothes, junk, garbage...and even food I found..What a mess!!!! I guess I have to remember when I was a kid...Minus the food part...I was cluttered when I was a kid...lolol...yep thats the word...

Then last night when i got home from my meeting...for starters the microwave went out...thought it was a today went down to check it out...Nope not a fuse...2 freaken outlets...actually 4 outlets Dont I have a cord across so I can use my microwave...

Its definately time to move...I need to move...I want to move....Lord help me and find me a nicer place....I can afford one...lolol

Well, dinner time...
Later taterz,

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I feel great....Its been awhile!!!!

I feel great....I wish everyday could be like today...I am not sure what has gotten into me today but since 8 am this morning I have been going strong and I have accomplished so much today and it feels great. I am so proud of myself that I even made for the first time, Chicken and dumplings and it was absolutely amazing....YAY!!!! lol...I know tooting my own horn...hehe...

Well, lets see what have I done today....

  • Took the chicken out of the slow cooker and put it off to the side.
  • Feed and had daelynn out and about at 8 am.
  • Did the dishes and straightened up the kitchen.
  • Jumped on and checked my school stuff.
  • Made breakfast and ate (obviously).
  • Made daelynn her usual oatmeal at 10:30 am.
  • Jumped in the shower at 11 am.
  • Got ready for my ACE meeting.
  • Took the car into VW in Sheboygan.
  • Came home and finished making my Chicken and Dumplings.
  • Obviously Ate
  • Did my Replys for school and my 2nd DQ post that was due Friday.
  • Now Im blogging to anyone

This is the old me, this one I am so needing to be again but only better. I am changing myself for many reasons because I have spent way too long feeling down and today I felt great...Made tons of calls I needed too and there are more things continueing to change, its a work in progress...

My little bug drank from a straw for the first time today at the dealership, it was so cute...she thought she was big was too pics and all...
Well, tommorro is another day filled with errands and meeting which I am so excited about and I will be sure to jump on and let everyone know how it all went...

Later taterz,

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wooohoo....Today was awesome....Started my new endevour today...Mommy have a new part time job. Well, if you want to call it a part time job. I started Secret Shopping. It doesnt pay alot but it atleast gets me out of the house and I feel like someone other than just For those of you that can understand that. I have a few other ones going at the same time but this certain one gets me out of the house and I feel important. LOL... Now comes the fun part the real work of the job.

I also have to sit down and read 2 chapters from my sociology class, that by the way Im so stoked about. I know sounds weird but Im so excited to be in this class. Probably because I want to go to school to be a social worker... When I get to transfer to the campus based school, jan..hint hint..I will be so happy. Can ya tell, can ya tell. I will be both MOM and Me again.

Hmmm...Im in such an awesome mood right now, wonder what my horoscope says??? Dont know if I should jinx myself right now and read it. lol.

Well, Im also quite frankly getting irritated at my dear post man. Im not sure if he/she realizes I live where I live because I am not getting my mail. The neighbor next door gets my mail and then he is nice enough to bring it down to me. How sweet is that.

So Im thinking that I am gonna post a note on my mailbox something like this:



So, does that sound good???

Well, off to a head start on my studies...

Friday, October 12, 2012

Well, today I got my first look at my new class...everyday Sociology. Yay!!!. I know it sounds strange that someone would be excited about it but I am compared to what I was going to have to take. They had me taking intro to algebra but it was harder than algebra every was. I was getting daily panic attacks and physically ill just thinking about it. I went over the cd's they sent me and the textbook, I even had a tutor from the school for a half hour and still it was like french to me. So I made a few calls and they were able to switch me and it didnt cost me an arm and a leg, as they say.

Some or most of you dont know but I suffer from severe anxiety attacks as it is, so this class didnt help me any. I actually suffer from bi-polar disease and severe depression to be totally honest and by setting up these blogs and trying to change things slowly has been helping me out so much.

This week I have 2 support groups that I am going to attend for the first time, tho it is going to be a little weird, I promised my family I would start attending them because it will help me in the long run. One of them if for chronic pain, because I have a severe back problem and the other one is called "NAMI". So I am totally excited to see what they are like and see how it impacts me to do my own thing for once.

Im sorry to make this short but it is 1 in the morning but Ill be back on tommorro and Ill chat with anyone who reads this more in my later blogs...

Later taters,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

well, life is being so busy with just calls and emails and things going on with school because Im trying to get out of this math class they have me in and it just rather sucks...So we shall see how it ends and if I can get into a lower refresher class.

But on the high side of the last couple days.....We are taking a little vacation and going to see my cousin I havent seen in like 16 years or so...Well, we will just say we were both in our teens when we saw each other last and I am sooo excited to finally see her again and check out the area she lives. I am soooo excited..Can ya tell...can ya tell...LOL..

I am trying to stay busy and postitive but its been difficult lately but I am trying to be the best again. I have been having serious anxiety attacks again and my back has been really bothering me alot lately and now to top it all off ive been having serious pains between my shoulder blades and my neck has been so stiff..Makes for a difficult sleep time. So I see the doctor on the 30th of this month and hes gonna take xrays...My biggest fear is because my lower back was screwed up for so long, now my upper back is doing the same but good and positive thoughts that it is nothing and its just my imagination.

Went to the library and got some books on how to blog the right way and things like that so that I can make this better one for myself. I want to get better at this so more people will want to read it and enjoy what they read...

Well, folks I believe thats all for now...
later taters...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

So, I know I have deserted my poor little blog here for sometime, I am so sorry. I am back I promise and I am here to say that because I have to change and why do I have to??? Well, not only for myself do I have to change and make life a much better place but also for my girls because they deserve their mommy back and a better mommy than ever before. I am only 34 for Christ sake and I need to start living again. I need to quit thinking about my pains even tho I struggle every day but I need to just fight again like I used to...So I've come up with a game plan...wooohooo...can you tell I've given this a'lot of thought and I'm back kicking and screaming because if I don't I am gonna loose the important people around me and then what or why am I really  fighting for except for myself which, yes is a good reason but its not good enough or I should say its still not a good enough of a reason to fight as hard for. I have spent the last 12 years fighting a really tough battle to keep my head above water and showing everyone that despite the odds and let me tell ya there were a ton of odds at times against me. Yet when the cards were stacked against me and no one was there to fight with me or for me, it was my daughter who stood beside me and fought just as hard to move forward and guess what folks we are here today to say "Screw you to everyone that talked bad or laughed at us, cause we don't need anyone who doesn't believe in the real us." 

These are the things I have come up with 

Now, I'm sure there are a lot of you, that's if you read this blog and see this post, that don't think or believe I go through daily struggle's with pain and my back. I'm sure there are a lot of you out there that because of our wonderful world of Facebook see pictures and what not....I'm gonna tell ya first and foremost, and set the book straight (or however you say it) because I post pictures or I have taken a trip here or there doesn't mean squat!!!!...My life quite frankly sucks on daily basis, on the level of pain. The reason I post pictures and took a trip here or there is for either my kids benefit or for my sanity....After a person has two FAILED back surgeries, develops several other conditions because I couldn't find a doctor soon enough to fix my back, I don't sleep much due to pain, cant do regular household chores like I on and so forth..Or quite frankly Live a normal life....Don't you think I might deal with the pain once or twice in awhile to make my kids happy....I am so sick of hearing people say that she doesn't seem like there's anything wrong with here cause shes doing this or that. Better yet, how about finding a doctor that will help you but you cant because of the medication you have to take but you still live in pain daily PAIN PILLS STILL AREN'T STRONG ENOUGH. NOT BECAUSE YOUR ADDICTED TO THEM BUT BECAUSE YOUR PAIN TOLERANCES IS SO FREAK-EN HIGH......Yet people call you a pill popper and doctors look at you as a addict....I don't have to but I will...I'm not an addict and I know this because.....when I got pregnant with  who is a year now, I was on Oxycontin 2 times a day and percocet I could if needed 4 times a day, tho I didn't take the perc's 4 times a day, I quit taking the oxy's and perc's cold turkey when I found out I was pregnant. No side affects after taking them over a year. Now I would say normally for anyone that is addicted to them would die, but I'm lucky enough not to be addicted to either of them. The problem I have is the intense pain without them because of the back surgeries not working. Though when I was pregnant I did take a percocet daily because it was worse on the baby if you are in so much pain, too hard on the baby... (you can google it if you don't believe me) Besides that, I'm to the point now, if you want to call me a pill popper without knowing me or talk about me to others like people do, then go ahead if it makes you feel better because I just done with you and I don't need you in my life. I'm 34 and all I want are people that are going to understand what I go through a daily basis and support me because its difficult for right now and if you cant understand and your going to judge me than just walk away and do it now rather than later...

~~Me~~Im beginning to get find my muchness again!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

So, here's to a good start to a hopefully otherwise flawless week, we can just hope so!! 

Monday started off to a good start~~ I was able to get J up without problems, except I had planned on getting her up at 6:30am, but it wasn't until 7:10 am so it wasn't as early as I had planned but none the less she wasn't late for school which is a switch from the otherwise horrible first week of school and first day of school she experienced. I swear if it wasn't for dear ole mom, that kid wouldn't know what to do. But then again, every kid usually depends on their mommy for everything, that's if they still have their mommy. God bless mine up above. She was there for the times I needed her most and that was my whole childhood and she taught me well. The only time I could have used her was when my girls were being born, and I did however have a good "stand in mom" for that, and the other time was for my 2 back surgeries but hey she didn't have any idea the last two times would ever come into play. I'm sure in her heart she wanted to be in person for my baby girls births but god above had other plans for her and he figured I was a big enough girl to have my girls so for her to be with us in spirit was well enough.

So yesterday, I was able to get my assignments (I attend online classes) turned in way earlier than I normally do, So I thought while I was on a roll I would go and start my DQ questions for my next weeks assignments. Which normally they are there for us to start or to preview or whatever we wish to do. Well, they weren't there, so I thought it was rather odd, but none the less it gave me time to work on here or do other things. So a little while ago, cause after J left for school and while D was still sleeping (bless her little heart, lol) I went back to sleep. I jumped online to get a head start on my DQ assignments and to my surprise, they are not there. Which is rather suprising because they are always there by Monday at the latest, so I left my instructor an email and now it kinda gets me off track on my schedule because I usually print them out and start working on them Monday nights if not finish the one that is due by Wensday if nothing else. So now I wait to hear back, and this class is rather intense because it is English Composition 2 and its writing intense. We just finished a writing essay that was a combination of 3 weeks we worked on it for and it was something we had to pick from a list she chose and it was just complicated, but its finished and over and now another 2 weeks of another essay of work. The next class is what I am concerned about and that is algebra. I am concerned because i was able to preview the class and I had a difficult time in high school with it and that was no where near as fast paced as this class is and the instructor was right there for me, where this one is not so this one, I am not look forward to by anymeans....

So the rest of the afternoon is calling the local college and finding what I have to do get enrolled into campus based classes because I need to start getting out of the house. With my back and all, I am on disability which means I don't work and that also means I don't get out of the house much except to go to the grocery store and things like that, and I don't have many friends so I pretty much a loner. But with 2 kids that also means I don't have much time for the old party life which is fine by me, I am kinda grown out of that life anyways. However, a person still needs to get out of the house if it means to do something so I figured if I am already going to school and I do have a learning disability, it would probably do me some good to be in the presence of an instructor. So that's what I am gonna do again. I already applied there once and I didn't make the typing test. Which when I took it I hadn't really practiced much and I was really nervous. So here we go again.

Well, my lawn man just finished and the lawn looks beautiful, so I'm off to make my calls and spend time with my little gal before her nap....So catch ya'll later's...

Later Taters.....

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Well, today was a bright and cheery day, I had a very productive day I must say. I went and got my brakes done. Yay!! They were terrible to say the least. 

More than I has planned on paying but hey what are ya gonna do??? Was up early with the baby today, she was upset that I was having breakfast without her so, needless to say....Mom, didn't get much of her breakfast and then when lunch time came....Can ya guess...Yep...Not much there either. But hey its okay cause I would rather see her eating than being one of those picky little kids that wont eat anything at all. 

It bothers me to see that or when a mom just goes and allows a child to decide what they are going to eat when they cant even decide what clothes they are going to wear for the day...I mean come on parents wake up...You are the boss...

Just like I knew this one mom that never made her child eat much of anything but cereal because she claimed he didn't like anything else. Well, hmmm lets see have you tried to make him sit down and eat anything else...Well, I can honestly say for the few months I knew of..The big answer was NOPE!!! Okay so enough of my Ranting for the think its time I got off this big square thing they call a computer that I have been on all day working on my blogs, trying to get them tweaked here and there...Still everything is a work in progress they say!!! So until we meet again all you cyber peeps...


Friday, September 7, 2012

The beginning days of???

Well, If you wondering why I chose the title that I chose for my blog, it very simple. I am beginning to find Me again. You might also ask why I started this blog and that is quite simple outlet for myself to express my thoughts and my daily struggles and just the fun things in life that I want everyone to know. In my world it is often times lonely and this is my way of feeling like I am not alone and everything is cheery and bright and Life is just wonderful, when in fact life really stinks for the day. This gives me the chance to drift away and forget all about my pain and my sadness and pretend that everything on earth is great and for me that is just what the (my) Doctor ordered (told). lol.. So I hope you all enjoy coming over to my side every so often, pull up a chair and enjoy the show...Lord, knows your all in for one heck of a bumpy ride!!!