Monday, December 31, 2012

Wow, I know its been awhile since last I wrote about myself but alas I am

Lets see, for starters my Fibromyalgia has been in full swing and has put me down terribly. Since I've been paying more attention to what my body tells me Ive been watching for the signs and amazing what you find out. 

So, on Christmas eve I made dinner for my brother and my dad and was on my feet all day and I knew just knew that the next day I was going to be in bed all day because thats what happens to a person with Fibro and what I believe to be as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Well, guess what sure enough on the one day that I would have rather not been in bed all day...whamm, I could feel it coming on the night before after everyone left and helped do the dishes. My back started spasming. So I said enough was enough and I had to lay down.

Later that night I layed down and I started getting a siring pain in my eye sight quick bursts of it and my legs started to ache. It was horrible and that was when I knew Christmas day was going to be either a battle stay awake or I was just going to give in to the Fibro and stay in bed and the girls let me do just that. J took care of D and I was able to stay in bed. I felt like the worst mother on earth but there was nothing I could do about it. Was able to get breakfast out for them but other than that I was in bed. I see the new
Rheumatologist on the 7th of January and hopefully with Gods willing this one will actually do something for me to help me get though life especially when Fibro decides to flair up. 

Since Christmas eve I can honestly say it hasn't gotten any easier, the pain in my back has gotten much worse and finally a couple days ago I finally went into the er cause I just couldn't handle it anymore. My back actually was swollen and I finally went in. I was told that I have Kidney stones and that I have to sort out my pee for the urologist. Great huh!!! I'm sorry so far it hasn't gone too well and all I have found in my pee is sand like stuff and I cant get it in the little container they want me to so I can take it in. Great is what I think. So on Wensday I am to make an appointment for the urologist. 

Well, despite my short blog I am having a hard time getting this one out. I apologize but my wrists hurts just typing but I will be back when I can get another one out. My new years resolution is to blog on Monday, Wensday, and Friday and then the occasional Sunday. So alas I've got a plan!!! haha...

Later Taterz~~
Luv Me~~~