Friday, October 12, 2012

Well, today I got my first look at my new class...everyday Sociology. Yay!!!. I know it sounds strange that someone would be excited about it but I am compared to what I was going to have to take. They had me taking intro to algebra but it was harder than algebra every was. I was getting daily panic attacks and physically ill just thinking about it. I went over the cd's they sent me and the textbook, I even had a tutor from the school for a half hour and still it was like french to me. So I made a few calls and they were able to switch me and it didnt cost me an arm and a leg, as they say.

Some or most of you dont know but I suffer from severe anxiety attacks as it is, so this class didnt help me any. I actually suffer from bi-polar disease and severe depression to be totally honest and by setting up these blogs and trying to change things slowly has been helping me out so much.

This week I have 2 support groups that I am going to attend for the first time, tho it is going to be a little weird, I promised my family I would start attending them because it will help me in the long run. One of them if for chronic pain, because I have a severe back problem and the other one is called "NAMI". So I am totally excited to see what they are like and see how it impacts me to do my own thing for once.

Im sorry to make this short but it is 1 in the morning but Ill be back on tommorro and Ill chat with anyone who reads this more in my later blogs...

Later taters,