Friday, December 21, 2012


Hey Ya'll!! Thought I would take a stab at this one, since I don't have cable, I am doing the Netflix kind of cable. Its actually nicer than cable in the sense that there is no commercials and you don't get cut off when it is getting to the good So, I have been out of the loop on the whole commercial thing but there is that nice thing they call google, so I googled "What are the worst commercials on Television right now?" and it brought up several different choices.

Well, basically the choices for commercials were the same as they were when I did have cable 6 months ago and I have to say there are two commercials that I absolutely can not stand and I am sure there has to be a few of you out there some where that agree with me....

The first one is the commercial for the Trojan Vibrator, but this one is for the Trojan Shower Gift, where they say Really blows your hair back, Tri-phoria, it has 5 speeds, 3 pulse patters and 3 interchangeable tips...

This one really drives me nuts because when I remember having cable they would show they other commercials for the other Trojan products at all times of the day and I must say they weren't discreet about the commercials to say the least and the problem is my girls. They watch television and they don't need by any means to be seeing commercials like this especially my oldest who just turned 13 and is very mature for her age and very impressionable and we will just say knows more than she should...right she should happen to read this...she knows what I

So I guess I could rattle of a few others but this by far gets me going on commercials they have out there..but by far I am so liking Netflix for so many reason that I don't think I would ever go back to cable except that with cable you do current showings of certain things and somethings I do miss, sometimes I like to catch the news or a football game or even a Nascar Race, and there are a couple shows that I liked to watch on t.v. that Netflix doesn't offer, but overall, Netflix is so worth the money I am actually saving each month.