Monday, September 10, 2012

So, here's to a good start to a hopefully otherwise flawless week, we can just hope so!! 

Monday started off to a good start~~ I was able to get J up without problems, except I had planned on getting her up at 6:30am, but it wasn't until 7:10 am so it wasn't as early as I had planned but none the less she wasn't late for school which is a switch from the otherwise horrible first week of school and first day of school she experienced. I swear if it wasn't for dear ole mom, that kid wouldn't know what to do. But then again, every kid usually depends on their mommy for everything, that's if they still have their mommy. God bless mine up above. She was there for the times I needed her most and that was my whole childhood and she taught me well. The only time I could have used her was when my girls were being born, and I did however have a good "stand in mom" for that, and the other time was for my 2 back surgeries but hey she didn't have any idea the last two times would ever come into play. I'm sure in her heart she wanted to be in person for my baby girls births but god above had other plans for her and he figured I was a big enough girl to have my girls so for her to be with us in spirit was well enough.

So yesterday, I was able to get my assignments (I attend online classes) turned in way earlier than I normally do, So I thought while I was on a roll I would go and start my DQ questions for my next weeks assignments. Which normally they are there for us to start or to preview or whatever we wish to do. Well, they weren't there, so I thought it was rather odd, but none the less it gave me time to work on here or do other things. So a little while ago, cause after J left for school and while D was still sleeping (bless her little heart, lol) I went back to sleep. I jumped online to get a head start on my DQ assignments and to my surprise, they are not there. Which is rather suprising because they are always there by Monday at the latest, so I left my instructor an email and now it kinda gets me off track on my schedule because I usually print them out and start working on them Monday nights if not finish the one that is due by Wensday if nothing else. So now I wait to hear back, and this class is rather intense because it is English Composition 2 and its writing intense. We just finished a writing essay that was a combination of 3 weeks we worked on it for and it was something we had to pick from a list she chose and it was just complicated, but its finished and over and now another 2 weeks of another essay of work. The next class is what I am concerned about and that is algebra. I am concerned because i was able to preview the class and I had a difficult time in high school with it and that was no where near as fast paced as this class is and the instructor was right there for me, where this one is not so this one, I am not look forward to by anymeans....

So the rest of the afternoon is calling the local college and finding what I have to do get enrolled into campus based classes because I need to start getting out of the house. With my back and all, I am on disability which means I don't work and that also means I don't get out of the house much except to go to the grocery store and things like that, and I don't have many friends so I pretty much a loner. But with 2 kids that also means I don't have much time for the old party life which is fine by me, I am kinda grown out of that life anyways. However, a person still needs to get out of the house if it means to do something so I figured if I am already going to school and I do have a learning disability, it would probably do me some good to be in the presence of an instructor. So that's what I am gonna do again. I already applied there once and I didn't make the typing test. Which when I took it I hadn't really practiced much and I was really nervous. So here we go again.

Well, my lawn man just finished and the lawn looks beautiful, so I'm off to make my calls and spend time with my little gal before her nap....So catch ya'll later's...

Later Taters.....

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Well, today was a bright and cheery day, I had a very productive day I must say. I went and got my brakes done. Yay!! They were terrible to say the least. 

More than I has planned on paying but hey what are ya gonna do??? Was up early with the baby today, she was upset that I was having breakfast without her so, needless to say....Mom, didn't get much of her breakfast and then when lunch time came....Can ya guess...Yep...Not much there either. But hey its okay cause I would rather see her eating than being one of those picky little kids that wont eat anything at all. 

It bothers me to see that or when a mom just goes and allows a child to decide what they are going to eat when they cant even decide what clothes they are going to wear for the day...I mean come on parents wake up...You are the boss...

Just like I knew this one mom that never made her child eat much of anything but cereal because she claimed he didn't like anything else. Well, hmmm lets see have you tried to make him sit down and eat anything else...Well, I can honestly say for the few months I knew of..The big answer was NOPE!!! Okay so enough of my Ranting for the think its time I got off this big square thing they call a computer that I have been on all day working on my blogs, trying to get them tweaked here and there...Still everything is a work in progress they say!!! So until we meet again all you cyber peeps...


Friday, September 7, 2012

The beginning days of???

Well, If you wondering why I chose the title that I chose for my blog, it very simple. I am beginning to find Me again. You might also ask why I started this blog and that is quite simple outlet for myself to express my thoughts and my daily struggles and just the fun things in life that I want everyone to know. In my world it is often times lonely and this is my way of feeling like I am not alone and everything is cheery and bright and Life is just wonderful, when in fact life really stinks for the day. This gives me the chance to drift away and forget all about my pain and my sadness and pretend that everything on earth is great and for me that is just what the (my) Doctor ordered (told). lol.. So I hope you all enjoy coming over to my side every so often, pull up a chair and enjoy the show...Lord, knows your all in for one heck of a bumpy ride!!!