Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hey!!!! I am Back!!!

Well, I decided to changed somethings with this blog...and well, bring this one out of the two and bring it back!! Are you all excited???

So these are the things I have decided to do!!

1) I am going to have a schedule for blogging on this blog.

2) This one is for product reviews that I receive thru my email.

3) This is my food and cookie review blog.

I have decided to bring this blog back because I have been receiving a lot of emails and well, on my other blog I started to do product reviews and well, I started to change the scope of why I started my blog and I just cant have that. I started my other blog as a mommy blog and to talk about my girls and my health and that was the ultimate reason and I really want to stick to that so here we go once again with this blog.

Please come and visit and visit often. I hope you enjoy this blog, I had it for awhile before and I didn't have much success with it but a lot of the reason was because I didn't try to promote it very much but I also didn't really know how to do it either. Now I know a little more with promoting and I think I have it down pat. So please enjoy...